EOS Now Live After Saturday’s Blunder

EOS Launched Again

It’s official: EOS is now live… again.

The said blockchain was on ‘pause’ after only two days of going live due to a bug which the developers have yet to elaborate on. Having detected the bug which caused all transactions to be ‘frozen’ on the mainnet, the Block Producers (BP) of the said blockchain conferred to solve the issue.

It took the Block Producers and ‘many Standby Nodes’ about five hours to fix the bug, just as they promised they would — they claimed beforehand that the mainnet would be up and running three to six hours after their post. However, if there was someone to grab the credit for the fixing of the bug, it was block.one, which issued a patch to the Block Producers.

As of press time, the EOS Mainnet is live and is trading at $10.27.

Regarding the infamous ‘pause’ on Saturday, Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, released some critical remarks on the said blockchain. Palmer tweeted:

“The EOS blockchain was taken offline for five hours just days after launch due to a bug… and [that] this software had $4 bln in funding.”

Palmer added that the blunder is “making it hard to not be critical.”

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