EOS Blockchain is Now Up and Running

EOS Launched

It’s official: EOS blockchain is now up and running. And according to the most credible sources, the blockchain began to function at 17:46 UTC on June 14.

The said blockchain has already received more than 150 million votes, which is important for the developers to gauge how many entities are willing to maintain the network. This is by far the fifth largest network by total value, and the overwhelming support that it has received despite many blunders proves that not only is EOS ready to take the crypto world by storm, but it also has many supporters to help maintain it.

After a week of careful deliberation and trials done by block producer candidates, who are groups hailing from different countries, and vying for taking one spot of the 21 validator node spots in which they will get compensated for verifying transactions. While that testing phase unearthed a couple of vulnerabilities which caused two groups to argue on the correct implementation and delays for the launch, block producer candidates voted a unanimous “GO” for the blockchain’s launching on June 9.

Mere moments after the blockchain’s eventful launch, the tokens were already trading at $10.45. But as of press time, it’s already at $11.17.

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