BTC and BCH Supporters Go to War on a Digital Canvas

Satoshi's Place App

Satoshi’s Place, a digital canvas that allows users to draw anything, recently showed up on the Lightning network. The app, which resembles MS Paint, costs one satoshi per pixel to use and each user is free to show off their works how they see fit.

Aside from being a swell way to show off your art skills, the digital canvas is also a way for users to experience the how microtransactions are handled through Bitcoin’s new Lightning Network.

Because the canvas is censorship resistant, anyone can draw almost anything. What’s more, pixels can be repainted. This combination has resulted in some great works, such as recreations of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

It has, however, had one unintended side effect: The opportunity to comment on the long-running dispute between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The repaintability of each pixel on Satoshi’s place just adds fuel to the fire. Bitcoin proponents often this means that the board is quickly dominated by Bitcoin supporters who are quick to take advantage of the cheap microtransactions this app affords them.

Bitcoin supporters were quick to take the opportunity to make sport of the opposition, often drawing offensive words and symbols on a painting of Roger Ver, male genitalia spitting BCH and others of the same kind. Ironically, BCH users who would want to remove these or repaint over the other’s efforts would have to use the Lightning Network.

While others found this amusing, others, decidedly, did not, calling these efforts childish.

The never-ending dick pics aside, Satoshi’s place is still a great success in demonstrating what the Lightning Network can do: the capability to support a high volume of cheap and instant transactions.

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