AlphaPoint Secures $15 Million For First Funding Round


AlphaPoint has revealed its most recent accomplishment concerning its first round of venture capital funding on June 14.

Apparently, it has already amassed a total of $15 mln.

The crypto services company was able to do so through Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency merchant bank, Salil Donde, Galaxy Digital’s chief executive, explained that “Galaxy [Digital] and AlphaPoint are both leaders in the crypto and blockchain space, so there have been, and will continue to be, opportunities where we can collaborate for the benefit of mutual customers.”

The said companies seem to be collaborating well in achieving their common goal. It is said that Galaxy Digital’s very own Managing Director Greg Wasserman will be on board to offer his “oversight, guidance, and insights.”

Donde continued:

“With respect to future products and technology, AlphaPoint will continue to incorporate the needs of our customers and our prospective customers in conjunction with the ever-changing blockchain landscape around us.”

The said funds will be propelling AlphaPoint in resuming its mission of utilizing blockchain technology to digitize assets, both in traditional — and mainstream — and emerging markets.

In a separate statement, Greg Wasserman iterated that there is a tremendous opportunity for digitizing liquid assets. Furthermore, he said that “consumers are demanding increased access, transparency, and trust. Businesses are seeking increased liquidity with reduced fraud, risk, and cost.”

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