Russians Mine Crypto Too Close to NATO Military Exercise

Russians Mine Crypto

A forthcoming investment facility by the Russian New Mining Company will be installed near a NATO military exercise in Norway. Norwegian authorities are suspicious about the said activity and have expressed interest in monitoring the crypto development in the area.

The said company will be installing heaps of mining units on a farm in the said country come summer this year, most probably in August. The said project will be costing about $125 mln, and in the Norwegian municipality of Alvdal. Equally interested are crypto firms from the US, Kazakhstan, China, and Japan in expanding to the said region for its cheap electricity rates even though it has well-developed communications facilities.

However, NATO officials find the move too intriguing, since Russia provides the same amenities that Alvdal has. They gave good reason to do so, since the Trident Juncture, the colossal military exercise headed by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the country, will commence on November 5, and in a few kilometers from where the Russian crypto company will be setting up its expansion.

In order to appease the inquisitive officials, Jonny Andersen, New Mining Company’s representative in the said country, explained that to the best of his knowledge, “the Russian owners are serious guys. They understanding that Norwegian special services are closely interested in their activities.” Furthermore, he said that “they [administrators of the New Mining Company] are expecting the checks and they are not afraid of anything.”

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