EU Organization Sets Up AMA on Blockchain and Crypto

EU Organization AMA

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is soliciting questions from the general public about the emerging technology.

The EU organization announced in a tweet on Monday that it is to host a 90 minute AMA (Ask me anything) on June 18. This is to address concerns from the general public about the impact of blockchain and the organization’s future plans in the emerging industry.

The upcoming AMA session is a notable move from the EU’s executive to educate the public on the basics of blockchain technology and it’s real-life applications.

Launched last February by the European Union and ethereum startup firm ConsenSys, the Observatory is focused on the development of blockchain applications, such as those used for cross-border payments and remittances, that can contribute positively to the European Single Market.

The EU announced last April that they planned on investing around $400 million in blockchain related projects, spread out over the next two years, with the anticipation that the technology is going to go mainstream”.

Earlier this year, the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi also hosted an online AME where he fielded and addressed questions posted publicly via social media that were related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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