Brazilian Bus Companies Accept Crypto as Fare

Bus Accepting Cryptos

In another bold move, two prominent Brazilian bus companies have begun to accept cryptocurrencies as payments for their passengers’ fare.

Brasil Sul and Viação Garcia, two bus companies under the GBS Group, proudly announced that they are the “the first group of passenger transports to accept” cryptocurrencies as payment in Brazil. Currently, the companies will be “use[ing] Bitcoin (BTC), the most popular virtual currency on the market today,” and in “July, two other cryptocurrencies will be accepted, [which would be] Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).”

When availing of the bus ticket, the companies explained that “the client should open their wallet and scan the code that appears on the site screen” when opting to pay via Bitcoin. A voucher should be expected to be received at the client’s linked email address to confirm the transaction.

This reflects but a part of the group’s gearing toward eventual crypto integration to their processes, as part of their commitment to ‘not be left behind’ in terms of technology and crypto acceptance. Estefano Boiko Jr., vice president of GBS, iterated that the said currencies “represent changes in financial relations,” and that “they facilitate purchases online.” Furthermore, he said that most “of the economic and commercial operations are migrating to the digital world and the segment of passenger transport by road could not be [any] different.”

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