Moscow Exchange Plans to Publish ICO Info Soon

The Moscow Exchange

A great week will be greeting the Russian crypto market, as The Moscow Exchange (MOEX) will begin to share information regarding Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) soon, as revealed to Reuters on June 8.

Currently, the Russian exchange is already initiating a platform which will be publishing data on token sales, hopefully before 2018 ends.

Moscow Exchange CEO Alexander Afanasiev expressed.

“We’re treating them as we treat fiat currencies so far because cryptocurrencies don’t have a status of legally protected assets now… But if it changes we will place them in our system as well.”

The said exchange will not be listing tokens directly, that was clarified. Instead, they will be providing descriptions for certain tokens as well as details about ICOs for the investors’ sake. But the exchange isn’t putting a period on the subject since it expressed the possibility to issue future products for ICOs if the demand becomes too considerable to be ignored. Afanasiev even said that they’re “working on a possible structure of such futures now.”

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on television that the country ought to explore the opportunities regarding blockchain, making use of possible opportunities to “avoid various limitations in global finance trade.”

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