EOS Blockchain to be Launched Immediately

EOS Blockchain Launch

EOS blockchain has recently taken a monumental leap, as the world has given permission for it to go live in the mainnet.

Over 100 candidate organizations heeded the call for voting at 1:00 UTC on Saturday, in which the voting commenced about 45 minutes later. The votes were cast by ‘block producers’, the blockchain’s equivalent for Bitcoin miners, with almost-unanimous votes for “GO”. About 1800 people watched the voting at YouTube video EOS GO, not to mention the moderators taking note of the results.

Now that the block producers have already received a green light, they will now be taking the network live. They will be initiating the EOS Mainnet Launch, with backup testing for 48 hours after they have begun with the launch.

Consequently, EOS will be live once 15 percent of outstanding tokens have been staked to voters as well as when the first elected block producers have become established.

EOS is a proof-of-stake blockchain that was created by Block.One. This group is well known for its co-founder, Dan Larimer, who has pioneered sister systems with Steem and BitShares. They were also able to raise a staggering $4 bln in a year-long Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

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