Dungeon Defenders Sequel to Integrate Blockchain

Dungeon Defenders Blockchain

Video game maker Trendy Entertainment is set to partner with blockchain startup Signal Zero to integrate a blockchain-based rewards system for its Dungeon Defenders games.

Tendy, best known for the popular Dungeon Defenders series of games, will base the rewards and ranking system of the next game on blockchain, Drew Curby of Trendy Entertainment said. He explained that Trendy was looking for a way to monetize Dungeon Defenders II, which is free-to-play, while still making sure that the game is fair to all players.

Using smart contracts to automatically create rewards for their players is how they might create such a system, Curby said. To achieve thus, Dungeon Defenders II will use a Loot blockchain, currently under development by their partner, Signal Zero.

A different blockchain might require either central or graphics processing units (CPUs/GPUs) to execute a proof-of-work algorithm. Signal Zero’s CEO Tobias Batton said that instead of those abovementioned methods, the player’s game systems would instead handle Loot’s version of PoW.

Batton explained that:

“The way it would actually work is the developer like Trendy would open a node on the network, so they would actually run the node. Because they own the software, every machine would act like an oracle to the central node.”

Batton referred to the new system as proof-of-activity, stating that gamers would receive tokens based on both skill level and rank during an event.

While Dungeon Defenders II will be the first game to utilize the Loot platform, Batton thinks it won’t be the last. They envision that the system will ultimately let players earn tokens in one game to redeem these in another, or even purchase rewards independent of any app or game.

As part of this plan, the Loot protocol will in the future be compatible with ERC-20 tokens, Batton explained.

While Trendy is still looking to integrate Loot with Dungeon Defenders II as of now, Curby said he and his team have yet to establish how Loot will work within the game, given the early development stage the platform is at.

Curby said concluded that:

“We expect in the coming months to work closely with [Signal Zero], the design team, to work on a series of potential implementations to see … what makes the most sense,”

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