Users of Ethereum Software Urged to Install Update Due to Security Issues

Ethereum Bugs

According to Parity’s blog post, Parity Technologies urges users of Ethereum software to install updates this week after warnings a testnet vulnerability could spread to the Ethereum network.

Parity, a UK-based provider of infrastructure software for associating with the Ethereum network, posted a blog addressing the security problem. Reporting it to be a potential consensus issue with Parity Ethereum.

“Please update your nodes as soon as possible and then double check that you are running version 1.10.6-stable or 1.11.3-beta.”

The post requests users to upgrade to a newly-patched version to decrease the risk of infecting Ethereum’s mainnet, including other Parity users such as Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Parity continues to experience security issues obtaining an infamous reputation for funds security. Headaches from the frozen funds remain to bother the users. Last July, hackers took 150,000 Ether (ETH) from the service’s wallets, while a further exploit saw a developer unintentionally quarantine another 513,000 ETH in November.

Commentators from social media, like tendermint developer Adrian Brink, kept doubting whether installing a patch would actually protect Ethereum from the vulnerability. He even mentioned that this issue could break Etherum Classic.

“No exploits yet. Either everyone is very nice, no one knows yet or the Ethereum tooling is hard enough to use to prevent the exploit.
This may break $ETC. My bet is that it will take less than 24 hours,”

posted by Adrian Brink on his Twitter.

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