Electronic Bitcoin OTC Platform Making Life Easier For Brokers

OTC Bitcoin

A digital bitcoin OTC trading platform which will transform the way institutional investors trade their bitcoins has been built by Jump Trading, a Chicago-based firm.

An important upgrade from the usual method of conducting OTC transactions over the phone or via secure messaging services where auditing used to be a terrible task of scrubbing telephone and messaging records.

The new system has a GUI which allows customers to transact with the OTC desk thru a desktop platform on a secure line.

Large bitcoin traders not wanting to deposit a large amount of money to online crypto exchanges prefers OTC trading. This can, however, agitate the market every time there is a large-volume transaction.

Slippage can also happen in an OTC transaction when the price can change “between order placement and execution“.

Bitcoin is evolving. This is manifested by new Jump Trading bitcoin OTC trading platform. Before, brokers used to burn the banks’ lines to get FX quotes, now everything happens in the computer, more particularly when dealing with crypto.

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