2017 Nothing but a Warmup for Bitcoin, Alistair Milne Claims

Bitcoin in 2020

British entrepreneur Alistair Milne says that Bitcoin has not yet seen its brightest days in 2017. Instead, last year was only a warm-up for the growth that the cryptocurrency will gain between this year and 2020.

On his Twitter account, Milne stated several reasons which made him think that 2017 might just have been a mere ‘warm up’. In his tweet, Milne stated that the said cryptocurrency is “still pre-mainstream” and that the currency had “almost no institutional money invested in 2017.” He also said that there are now “new (regulated) gateways to crypto opening,” and that “$300 bln is tiny.” Finally, he said that “everyone was screaming bubble the whole time.”

Some considered Milne’s statement as bullish, as some as his other pronounced statements in the past. But considering the recent performance of the said cryptocurrency on the market, some are hoping for his statements to be correct. And this time, the cryptocurrency would have a better standing, with additional regulatory support and mainstream financial backing.

Despite Bitcoin to US Dollar’s (BTC/USD) exchange rate losing as much as 70% compared to its all-time highs in 2018, conditions seem to be conducive for traditional finance to integrate cryptocurrency to either a greater or a lesser extent.

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