OpenLedger DEX Suspended Assets Due to Phishing Attack

OpenLedger Hacked

“Our GoDaddy’s account was hacked and and domains are now controlled by malicious individuals. Attempting to obtain login credentials of OpenLedger DEX users, they used these domains to set up a phishing site with an interface extremely similar to the exchange’s original one,”

declared in a Medium post.

OpenLedger’s attorneys and GoDaddy’s representatives are working on finding a solution, explained in the post. Though it was also stated there that “due to GoDaddy’s complex legal rules, the resolution of the issue may require some time.” The “some time” part was not known when yet.

Moreover, “trading, withdrawals, deposits, and transfers of all the OPEN. assets will be suspended” until the matter is resolved. Users have been advised to use the and domains to access OpenLedger. They have also been told to avoid making deposits or withdrawals even if BitShares has not been directly affected by the phishing attack yet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

And if ever users have concerns regarding their accounts being compromised are advised to submit a support ticket at and to change their BitShares key on

Phishing attacks still remain as a complicated and dangerous problem within the crypto space.

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