GMEX Collaborates with ThinkMarket’s ThinkCoin

GMEX and ThinkCoin

ThinkMarket’s subsidiary ThinkCoin is reportedly entering into another partnership with GMEX Group, a post-trade solution provider, recent reports said.

Through the upcoming collaboration, TrinkCoin’s TradeConnect platform will be utilizing GMEX platform called ‘Fusion’, merging the latter’s centralized trading systems with the blockchain’s technology. Essentially, TradeConnect is a platform which will cater to traders who would like to trade a plethora of assets, including standard fiat currencies, precious metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, even equities, through a set of calibrating models called ‘digital personas’ and AI tools. Furthermore, GMEX’s Fusion will be then integrated into TradeConnect’s web and mobile front end.

Both GMEX and ThinkCoin are ecstatic in the upcoming partnership. ThinkCoin co-founder and CEO Nauman Anees expressed that “all of us at ThinkCoin are enormously excited to begin our collaboration with GMEX.” Furthermore, Anees admired GMEX’s culture of solution-oriented thinking and innovation. Similarly, GMEX Group CEO Hirander Misra reciprocated the gesture. Misra said:

“The ThinkCoin digital token and its associated TradeConnect network integrated with GMEX Fusion will provide traders with the most diverse blockchain-based multi-asset trading and exchange ecosystem on the market today.”

Further developments on the partnership and its status will be revealed in the near future, both parties promised.

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