Crypto Fund Birthrate on a Roll This Year, New Research Reveals

Crypto Snowball

It seems that the crypto market will be witnessing a continuous snowball of investment funds being poured into the crypto development this year more than it did the previous, recent research reveals.

Conducted and published by Crypto Fund Research, a company from the US which conducts research studies on cryptocurrency, the new research has recently been quoted in premier business media organizations like the Wall Street Journal and the Economist.

The study iterated that so far, 61 cryptocurrencies had been reported to have received funds this year. If this trend becomes constant, then it would be expected for more cryptocurrency investments to occur more this year than in 2017. Interestingly, the investments came from various countries around the world, contrary to the expectation of many that American and Chinese companies would saturate and top the list of willing investors. The US topped the list, but British and Australian companies also showed a vigorous belief in the future of cryptocurrencies, thereby sharing the limelight with the Americans.

Interestingly, major crypto companies launched blockchain-dedicated investment funds only recently. Notable examples include Singaporean company Huobi’s HB10, Hong Kong’s OKEx’s OK06ETT, and American giant Coinbase’s Coinbase Index Fund.

Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reported just yesterday that a notable partner of Sequoia Capital will be joining alongside Coinbase in launching another cryptocurrency investment fund.

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