Crypto Exchange Golix Takes A Leap To New Markets

Golix Expands Market

Golix head of growth, Panashe Tapera announced, “As part of our strategy, starting from Friday, June 1, people in Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda will be able to start trading from Golix. This is one of our plans to be the leading exchange in Africa, which is inspired by the vision to provide financial autonomy in the continent.”

Crypto exchange Golix is now entering Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa to operate as well as conduct its $32 million token sales there. The scheme is to make it hassle-free for the consumers to send money to and from Africa.

The coin offering will also facilitate instant remittances and international payments through cryptocurrencies without making their beloved consumers travel to distant places.

William Chui, the Golix lead of special projects stated,

“Since the onset, our main agenda is to provide financial autonomy in Africa. The GLX token is going to be used to facilitate and realize this agenda,”

Furthermore, clients based in different countries will be able to purchase the GLX token from the exchange with fiat currencies. Golix issued coins will be used to buy other cryptos on its trading platform at zero transaction fees.

Zimbabwe’s first crypto exchange guarantees lower fees for remittances and international transfers facilitated by the GLX token compared with traditional banking methods. The Golix representative assumes that this will be a huge contribution to the GDP growth in African countries.

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