China Mobile Corporation To Transfer Mobile Data Top-Ups to Blockchain

China Mobile Blockchain

In a recent public statement, China Mobile Corporation has revealed their plans to utilize blockchain technology in their mobile data affairs.

The rather decisive intent by the telecoms giant was not unthought of before; the corporation already filed a patent application with China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) as early as November 2016.

In the application, China Mobile Corporation explained their plans to develop a blockchain network to take care of transaction requests for top-ups on their mobile data service.

Once the transference has successfully completed, China Mobile will be able to store the client‘s data on their blockchain which consists of ‘top-up nodes’, as the firm puts it. Now, whenever the client sends a request for additional mobile data allocation or replenishment, the company would deduct funds from the client’s account on their databases, which coordinates with the blockchain nodes simultaneously. The nodes will approve the transaction, then grant the client his corresponding request.

This will lift a heavy burden that China Mobile’s data centers have long been carrying since the start of its official operations. The telecoms giant explains the transference’s necessity to their services further:

“A centralized structure imposes a significant cost of security and trust as it needs to integrate a system’s safety, privacy and anonymity into a design… which inevitably increases the difficulty of technology renovation with even a higher cost of maintenance. As such, we need a new decentralized technology to manage the mobile data allocation.”

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