McAfee Running For A Second Presidential Bid

McAfee Presidential Bid

McAfee Antivirus Software founder John McAfee declared that he is running for US president in 2020. The famous crypto enthusiast said this is the best way to serve the crypto community.

This is McAfee’s second bid for the presidency. In 2016, he lost his bid to the New Mexico governor Gary Johnson to be the Libertarian Party candidate.

The British-American computer programmer and businessman commented that had he “been more connected with the community in 2016,” he would have been in a better position to promote the benefits brought by owning cryptocurrency.

About 600 comments were received by McAfee’s tweet regarding his 2020 bid. Most of them were “thank you” or a “:).” A donation was even received from one “token platform”.

McAfee, in his tweet, said he does not think he can win but the campaign will give him a forum to speak the truth.

Previously, McAfee announced the launching of “his own crypto-backed fiat currency” which can be redeemed for Facetime minutes with the businessman.

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