Matt Liston: From Augur CEO to Crypto Priest

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Crypto-religion, anyone?

Former Augur CEO Matt Liston is dead serious in the creation of the OxΩ, a crypto-religion, and the first one at that… should there ever be a second.

Many are knowledgeable about Matt Liston and his contributions to Augur, and despite his unfortunate departure from the renowned prediction platform after a lawsuit. And if the crypto community is curious as to what Liston is currently invested at, it’s… drumroll… OxΩ.

Witnesses claimed to see Liston handing out a few dozen copies of the religion’s “flame paper,” outlining its business model and, if one may add, dogma. The news startled many in the crypto community, and many expressed their concern that OxΩ might become a cult instead of a full-fledged religion.

The said crypto religion will, as its first order of business, have its scripture placed on the blockchain, which most probably would be Ethereum’s. And with the use of smart contracts, more unique cases could be added, even though success is not guaranteed.

For now, Liston’s idea remains bizarre at best, and, to the more conservative, blasphemous at worst. But popular opinion suggests that the earliest support in cryptocurrencies was grounded on the belief of how it could shape the world as we know it. For them, even if the crypto community did not have a religion for it, many practiced faith, albeit an obscure one.

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