Gitcoin Launched For Open-Source Maintainers And Developers

GitCoin Eth

Doing what they love while earning money at the same time can be rough for developers of open-source software, which the code is made available to use, modify and redistribute under licenses that frequently preclude hallmarks of ownership such as patent rights.

Kevin Owocki, the founder of Gitcoin, is trying to fix that. This started to happen when a Medium article called “A Bitter Guide To Open Source” wherein many open-source developers are mourning the struggles of their passion.

According to CoinDesk, open-source maintainers and developers either work on their pet projects for free outside regular work hour or solicit donations from the users of their software which is presumed to be both draining and doesn’t accumulate that much pay.

Gitcoin, a closely allied platform to Bounties Network, was launched in September 2017. It intends to create a marketplace whereby open-source developers, especially those who focus on ethereum and the decentralized applications or “dapps”, can get compensated for the work they want to do.

Owocki stated in an interview,

“Open source produces billions of dollars a year in economic output, but the expected value is free.”

He also added,

“Somewhere between those two numbers is what a rational market would actually pay for open-source software.”

It also aims to establish a “rational market” by building marketplaces where developers get paid in crypto. And though it’s just the small ones, Gitcoin and Bounties Network are attracting active users.

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