Crypto Wallet Accommodating BCH Now on Beta Release


The crypto community has finally begun to get acquainted with the new crypto wallet which would cater exclusively to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments. Appropriately named Cashpay, the crypto wallet has released its beta version for iOS and Android devices, thereby allowing purchasers to pay with Bitcoin Cash beginning June 2.

Website’s development team was behind the release of the new crypto wallet Cashpay. The website’s co-founder explained that anyone can:

“order anything — Cashpay enables you to buy anything at any online retailer and pay with Bitcoin Cash powered by — we also support charities worldwide by giving them a platform to promote their cause. In just a few taps you can donate to a community charity with Cashpay.”

As stated above, Cashpay does not only function as an exclusive crypto wallet for Bitcoin Cash; it is also an online platform wherein charities could present themselves to the crypto community, and receive donations through Bitcoin Cash.

Currently, Cashpay is still in its beta stage, and the Bitcoin Cash owners should not put massive massive amounts of BCH on the crypto wallet. Regardless, developers of the crypto wallet promised that they will not have any access to the keys and the corresponding funds placed on the wallet.

For those who are interested in Cashpay, developers of the newly-launched crypto wallet published a video demonstrating how to use the platform with ease.

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