Crypto and Social Media Make A Terrible Combination

Social Media Cryptocurrency

Social media is a large platform where people around the world can have a way to be in control. One could argue that social media has also created a possibly more democratized model of access to publishing systems.

However, in social media, people have their own voices and opinions that, somehow, they became biases to their own statements. Attacks on the press have happened for as long as it has existed. Though it’s not a bad thing, it has taken effect to the things they are pertaining to.

Any society, as long as it is functioning, holds a powerful critique of media organizations where unavoidable bias comments can happen. New organizations are no longer the source of the all-important matters, they are just now one of the increasingly small sectors of a wide crowd of sources claiming to offer relevant information.

Unlike those other individuals and corporate sources, news organizations that can go past their owners’, their advertisers’ interests and practice sound journalism, the social media captures the public by untrusted references who produce news and contents skewed by their or anyone else’s investments.

Recently, a disturbing problem about Facebook’s #fakenews has been discovered and promoted the judgment that the mainstream media is the main source of disinformation.

The harsh competing truths offered by different self-interested mobs will possibly get even worse and this will affect not only those who promote crypto but its users as well.

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