Bitcoin Devs Furious over Microsoft’s Acquisition of Github


The news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Github for at least $2 bln late Monday has immediately reached the ears of Bitcoin core developers, and they are not happy at all.

The furious developers made raucous calls to remove any involvement of Bitcoin from the code repository, as they held on to Github’s word that it would maintain its autonomy.

Originally, Bitcoin development has utilized the site for an environment nurturing healthy global participation. With the recent acquisition, Bitcoin developers were asked of their take on the matter. The cryptocurrency’s core developer Wladimir J. van der Laan expressed on his Twitter account that they should abandon the platform permanently. He commented:

“No real hurry, but I expect [that] this is the beginning of a long [and] painful road of [Github] toward obsolence [sic], possibly ending the same way as codeplex did.”

Many are criticizing the move, claiming that Microsoft would go so far as to stunt Github’s potential.

When asked where Bitcoin developers would go to, many suggested moving to Github’s rival Gitlab, reinforced with the hashtag #movingtogitlab already trending on media popular social media platforms.

The advice seems to be heeded by the crypto community, as Github reports a massive migration of projects ten times from the usual from their platform on Sunday, two days after rumors of Microsoft’s acquisition spread on social media like wildfire.

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