Argentinians Called to Join the Band-Van

Bitcoin and Camioneta

Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin Americana, two Argentinian non-profit organizations, have taken it upon themselves to initiate a cryptocurrency awareness campaign named “Bitcoineta”, traveling through the Latin American country in a van.

The campaign name Bitcoineta is a mishmash of two words, namely Bitcoin and “camioneta,” the Spanish word for “minivan.” This is to travel to various parts of the country, especially to the rural ones, and spread awareness regarding cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

The van is equipped with tools which are necessary to the campaign, including even a projector which would serve to demonstrate visual presentations and movies furthering the cause of the campaign.

And what would Argentinians get from the campaign? Gabriel Kurman, Bitcoineta’s founder, explained that the campaign would “show people how they can take advantage” of cryptocurrencies.

On June 1, Bitcoineta reached Chascomus — its first destination — which is a place situated about 120 kilometers from the country’s capital Buenos Aires. They intend to cover the entire Buenos Aires province, before heading to neighboring regions of La Pampa, Cordoba, and Santa Fe.

Kurman and the rest of the crew furthering the campaign reveal that their long-term goal is to cover the bulk of Latin America, even though they have yet to mention a specific country after Argentina. For now, they will focus on covering the entire country.

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