The Netherlands to Pilot Blockchain Solution for Real Estate

Kadaster Tests Blockchain

According to a report from Computable last May 31st, the Netherlands’ Land Registry, also called the Kadaster is expected to start testing a blockchain tech solution for national real estate data.

Koen Huisstede from the Land Registry said that the institution is aiming to understand what blockchain brings to the property sphere, and expects that a blockchain solution will be integrated into the system in one to three years. He also revealed that the registry is also looking into AI for its predictive data systems.

The Land Registry is a government authority tasked with overseeing ownership, mortgage rights, and all third-party data related to the national property market. The Kadaster is reportedly seeking to look into the technical, legal and governance aspects of blockchain as part of its efforts to create a “more flexible and agile” organization.

Blockchain has recently gained the spotlight in the Netherlands, with a major national blockchain research agenda having been commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy starting earlier this month. The government ministry has set up a specialized group to handle the research into the future of blockchain in the country in terms of legal impact, economic effect and ethical outlook.

The Netherlands is also one of the 22 EU member countries that recently signed a declaration to create a European Blockchain Partnership, aimed at cooperation on the implementation of EU-wide blockchain apps across a proposed digital single market.

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