Intensive Crypto Investment Course for Elderly By Japanese Crypto Center

Japanese Senior Crypto

Japanese Cryptocurrency Support Center recently launched an intensive crypto investment course for elderly and middle-aged adults to help them learn and invest in cryptocurrencies for the very reason that they are increasingly aware and interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

The Tokyo-based center aims to promote “the sound development of the virtual currency industry.” The center explains:

“In the past, investment of stocks and FX was the mainstream. However, since 2017 virtual currencies became a topic in the news, and seniors who start investing [in] virtual currencies are increasing. We hold virtual currency seminars and some participants in their 80s have participated.”

The center added that one of the reasons why the elderly are
becoming more interested in using cryptocurrencies to increase their asset holdings is for the future relief of family and grandchildren to eliminate their anxiety about old age.

The course is divided into two parts:

1. Basic Operation And Maintenance Of Virtual Currency

This is the part where students will learn how to open an account at a crypto exchange, how to purchase using Japanese yen and how to store crypto in wallets and cold storage.  Students will also learn how to send and receive crypto remittances.

Beginners who have no idea how to buy virtual currency will be instructed carefully, including how to use a personal computer and how to secure their account using the two-step authentication, safekeeping, and restoration of private keys.

2. Investment Know-how Of Virtual Currency And Measures Against Taxation

The second part teaches fundamental analysis using Twitter, technical (chart) analysis using Tradingview and Cryptopia. Students will also learn in this part how to create diversified investment portfolios, and tax measures or tax saving methods for those with capital gains.

The center emphasized that:

“Even if you are inexperienced, even if you are not good at personal computers, you can start investing in virtual currency during the course period!”

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