Blockchain Events Meet Music

Blockchain music

Festivals are as exciting as it sounds and now cryptocurrency meets music. This will prove that blockchain conferences aren’t just about cryptocurrency. There’s a panel discussion about blockchain scaling that can be brought up once in a while if the time is long enough but keep in mind that parties are where the real action occurs.

There’s a firm case to grieve over the terrible examples of extra at crypto conferences, and that is the luxury cruise given away by Aston Martin at Consensus, also the celebrity rapper after-parties, which intensified the industry’s perception.

Eliminating social events like this will leave men in suits stuck in uncomfortable chairs taking notes. Due to the digital type of cryptocurrency, whose proponents are as disseminated as the bitcoin ledger itself, conferences are one of the few occasions for interacting in the same physical space.

Such occasions are more a means to an end; an ice-breaker that enables strangers from opposing parties of the world to build fledgling friendships and profitable partnerships.

Whoever said that conferences are just made for serious matters will take it back once they hear about the new music festivals which turn out to be blockchain events. Now, this is the best time to say that people are learning while having the best time of their lives.

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