Amazon Introduces Blockchain-as-a-Service Option

AMAZON blockchain

Amazon has, in an obscure way, broken it silence whether it would join the world in recognizing the necessity for including cryptocurrency and the blockchain itself in its transactions: in a way, through the addition of the blockchain-as-a-service feature, it now does.

For years, the famed sales platform has remained hesitant at best from joining the bandwagon of companies that have fully integrated the blockchain technology into their affairs. Now, Amazon Web Services, or more commonly referred to as AWS, now offers blockchain-as-a-service features to its users.

But before everyone gets tricked into thinking that Amazon has already become part of the widely-growing cryptocurrency network, one would do good to give second thoughts about this and to take things at face value. Amazon was adamant in explaining that its adoption of BaaS is worlds apart with all other seemingly-similar services in today’s global market.

However, Amazon has recently collaborated with Kaleido in offering cloud services for those who would need to host Enterprise Ethereum-based blockchain platforms. Consequently, Kaleido would become the only project of its type that is managed and is accessible through Amazon Web Services for the time being.

As to the future developments that Amazon would like to implement in its services regarding cryptocurrency, it remains mum.

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