Abu Dhabi Ports Ease Logistics Procedure with Blockchain

Abu Dhabi Blockchain Ports

Abu Dhabi has just proved recently that it will not lag behind the others in technology, especially in the crypto scene.

On June 2, Maqta Gateway LLC, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, has just developed and launched Silsal, according to Construction Business News.

The blockchain-based technology was launched to ease the ports’ logistics and shipping transactions, thereby improving the efficiency of the said industry. This will be available to freight forwarders as well as their customers, with this recent system being offered to complement with existing Maqta’s Port Community System (mPCS).

With this recent technological bump, Abu Dhabi Ports expect a drastic lessening of paperwork, as well as a more efficient real-time status updates on their logistics and information exchange. Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO of Maqta Gateway, explained:

“Blockchain is a key step in the digitalization of trade.”

Furthermore, Maqta Gateway has devised a unique system designed to encrypt virtually all kinds of transportation documents. The move, as Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri, will remove the “need for access through passwords which can often be a security risk.”

With the increasing need for more efficient physical transportation and logistics, Abu Dhabi Ports remain true to their commitment to developing blockchain solutions for faster transactions. They are in the right track, as FedEx CEO coined blockchain developments as the “next frontier” for global supply transportation.

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