Polish Government Invites BitBay to Blockchain Working Group

Polish Government Bitbay

Embattled Polish crypto exchange BitBay tweeted last May 30 that they received an invite to join a Blockchain Working group from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

BitBay stopped operations in Poland this week after banks in the country shut them out, completely refusing to cooperate with the exchange. This event happened on the heels of the government’s increasingly negative stand on cryptocurrencies.

BitBay has not yet confirmed if they would accept the invitation, but they reassured the polish crypto community that they are not abandoning crypto activity.

BitBay has moved their operations to Malta, which has a friendlier regulatory framework and has recently welcomed the transfers of Kraken, Binance, and OKEx to their shores as part of its aim to become the world’s “blockchain island.”

The KNF has taken a vocal and active stance against cryptocurrency, looking for a company to conduct a social media campaign about the dangers of crypto, while also creating an anti-crypto website that says “virtual currency is not money” and “cryptocurrencies are not currency.”

The Polish Central Bank, meanwhile, acknowledged in February that they had funded a Youtube video attacking crypto.

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