BitMain’s AntMiner B3 Draws Flak from Chinese Crypto Crowd

Chinese Crowd

BitMain is currently being criticized by a significant number of Chinese crypto users for allegedly exaggerating the hash power of its AntMiner B3.

Moments after the release of the said AntMiner B3 on April 25, BitMain announced that the crypto miner dedicated to BTM has been sold out.

But earlier in May, the first Chinese purchasers of AntMiner B3 complained of the product’s inability to produce 750 hashes per second, as promised in the product specifications. Many claimed to produce only about 500-600 hashes per second. The difference is so vast that from a calculated profit of 47 BTMs per day, the complainants would receive as low as single-digit BTMs daily.

Furthermore, complainants claimed that the fan of their presumed new AntMiner B3 was full of dust, fanning their suspicion that the manufacturer used second-hand parts for the BTM miner.

As of the moment, BitMain remains mum to CoinDesk’s inquiry regarding the pressing matter. But in a recent local news report, the company admitted that there were issues with some B3s. However, they remain firm that the devices with the issues are only about one percent of the total miners produced so far.

Regarding the allegations that the company exaggerated in their product specifications, BitMain responded that “mining machines are in essence investment products… The profit and the price of the token adjust based on the market dynamics. As such nothing could be guaranteed by the company or any individual.”

Regarding the allegations of using secondhand parts in their miner, BitMain dismissed the accusations flatly as untrue.

(Image credits: Reuters)

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