Poloniex Users Claim Accounts Frozen After ID Policy Update

Poloniex Crypto Wallet

Many users of crypto exchange Poloniex felt left out in the cold after their accounts were frozen last May 27th after completing mandatory new identity verification procedures.

Several account holders have taken to social media and claimed that after completing the process of confirming their identity, they receive the notification that says they can continue trading, but their account is now blocked.

Poloniex does not appear to have acknowledged the issue yet. The issues apparently began the same day Poloniex issued a notice to its users asking them to link their identity to their account.

The Poloniex Notice said that:

“We are asking all legacy Poloniex customers who have not provided full identification information in the past to do so now through the Poloniex profile page.”

The notice continues on:

“This page provides clear instructions on what information is required to verify your account. As soon as you submit this information, we will take steps to verify it and re-enable trading and transactions for your account.”

This move from Poloniex is similar to requirements now in place at other exchanges such as BitFinex and even the more lenient p2p marketplace Localbitcoins.

Frozen accounts appear to affect many users going through the verification process, with multiple reports confirming the problem persists.

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