Crypto Addiction Can Be Cured In Scotland

Crypto Clinic in Scotland

UK’s first ever ‘crypto clinic’, the Evening Standard reported, was set up in a Scottish hospital top treat people addicted to trading cryptocurrencies.

Castle Craig Hospital in Peeblesshire, the Scottish Borders, is running a program to cure residents it considers to be crypto addicts.

Experts in the field said traders who are obsessively glued to “minute-by-minute” market updates are suffering from a form of behavioral addiction. The condition is similar to and being treated as a gambling addiction.

According to the Evening Standard, Castle Craig Hospital gambling therapist Chris Burn said:

“The high risk, fluctuating cryptocurrency market appeals to the problem gambler. It provides excitement and an escape from reality. Bitcoin, for example, has been heavily traded and huge gains and losses were made. It’s a classic bubble situation.”

While Castle Craig said that the numbers of ‘crypto addicts,’ cannot yet be determined, approximately 13M individuals are known to be involved with the crypto business.

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