Blockchain To Power The Chinese Ivy League

Chinese Ivy League Blockchain

Premier universities in China are banding together to put up an organization geared to provide more accessible and affordable educational resources through the blockchain technology.

The plan was announced on Sunday by a group of educational institutions spearheaded by Tsinghua x-lab, China’s Tsinghua University research facility. Peking and Zhejiang universities are also participants in the initiative.

The project, called the Youth Education Chain League (YEC League) aims to be a counterpart of the US Ivy League in which only the cream of the crop can have access to highly exclusive educational resources.

To that end, the organizers will be developing a decentralized autonomous organization (or DAO). The member institutions can hook up as distributed nodes. Everything is tied together by a blockchain protocol.

X-lab stated that the objective is to empower the participating institutions to determine future development and applications in the system. Using its distributed ledger, deserving students and faculties can have access to learning resources provided by various institutions.

While there are no definite timelines disclosed regarding the project, the move signifies a big concerted effort by Chinese public institutions to research on and develop blockchain technologies.

Over a period of three years, the China Intellectual Property Office recorded a total of nearly 140 patent applications relating to blockchain technology from universities.

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