Baidu Looks To Blockchain For Revision Logs

Baidu Baike Blockchain

China’s answer to Wikipedia, Baidu Baike, is now using blockchain technology to record revision histories in a move aimed to bring transparency and traceability to the online service.

The blockchain feature was first made visible to the public on Monday of this week, although the hashing may have started earlier last week, based on screenshots found on some earlier revisions.

However, since the service is deployed on Baidu’s own blockchain platform. This means the hashed data can not be accessed in order to determine which of a revision’s details are being recorded on the blockchain, whether they include the time of the revision, name of the contributor and reasons for revision.

Representatives from Baidu said the end goal for the integration of blockchain is to help ensure the online encyclopedia’s credibility since like Wikipedia, any user can edit content.

Launched in 2008, Baidu Baike is primarily marketed in the Chinese community, since it’s global counterpart, Wikipedia, was banned in the country.

According to data from Baidu, their encyclopedia holds over 15 million entries with about 6 million voluntary contributors working on revisions.

This is just the latest effort by Baidu in it’s continuing experiments with Blockchain tech, after having trialed different applications like a CryptoKitties copycat, and most recently, a blockchain-based stock photo service

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