Analysts find 1090 DApps and 700 Tokens Launched on Ethereum Network in 2017

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Business analysts reported that in 2017, the Ethereum network became home to 1090 decentralized applications (DApps) and more than 700 tokens.

In a talk at ConsenSys Community Day in Israel, Christian Crowley, business analyst at Etherium analytics firm Alethio, an average of 100000 new users join Etherium every day. Additionally, the Ethereum network processes an estimated 1000000 transactions daily.

Crowley indicated that there are currently 29.2 million unique ETH addresses.

Consensys’ Vanessa Grellet, speaking at the “Blockchain for social impact” section of the same event, argued that the technology has potential to address major social issues, such as helping several thousand Holocaust survivors that currently live in poverty.

Jeremy Millar, ConsenSys Chief of Staff and founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, meanwhile, declared that the most important question people should answer is:

“Am I building a blockchain for my business, or am I building a business for the blockchain?”

Millar believes it is possible to do both.

Blockchain tech is being adopted worldwide, with notable deployments in the past week coming from the world’s largest diamond jewelry retailer De Beers Group and US transport giant Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC).

There are still naysayers, however. For example, The Russian Central Bank’s Deputy Governor questioned the benefits of blockchain applications, claiming that “technology for the sake of technology is pointless” and arguing that blockchain tech wasn’t mature enough for implementation on an industrial scale.

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) released a report last May 28th, where it claimed that only about 8% of blockchain projects launched are still alive, with most projects only averaging a lifespan of 15 months.

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