Israeli Authorities Seized $8M In Laundered Bitcoins

Israel's State Attorney’s Office

The cyber department of the Israeli State Attorney’s Office conducted a huge AML move against Halmi Git. It alleged that Git committed fraud involving more than 20,000 Israeli credit cards and used a bitcoin network to launder the money.

A Hebron resident, Halmi Git was reported to amass a total of 1,071 bitcoins through a series of fraudulent activities including credit card fraud, and laundering the proceeds through Bitcoin.

Git’s heist was estimated to be at approximately $7.8 million with Bitcoin trading at $7,342.21 at press time.

Git was found out to run an online forum which leaked stolen credit card information. Members can buy a “VIP” membership to have access to “fresh” credit card data. Git also violated the country’s Computers and Money Laundering Law by circulating various guides.

Git also fraudulently sold mobile phones, mostly to forum members, at cut prices.

According to the indictment, the customer would transfer money to Git for the mobile phone. Git would then block that customer from the forum. The victim never receives the phone. To top it all, Git would publish a false positive testimony on behalf of the duped customer.

The authorities seized the suspect’s Bitcoin wallet and will confiscate the funds in it if found guilty.

Without remorse, Git said:

“We are thieves, from wherever we can take money – we’ll take it, no matter where – from Israel, The US or even the moon – we will reach it and use it.”

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