CryptoKitties Withdrawn Over An Alleged Axiom NDA Violation

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Axiom Zen, the developer of CryptoKitties, an Ethereum-powered dApp game, stated that a lawsuit “falsely accuses” the company of theft over the sale of figure products associated to basketball player Steph Curry.

A California-based developer, Tradestar, as quoted by a publication, allegedly signed a non-disclosure pact and prepared to partner with Axiom on Curry’s CryptoKitties.

In its announcement of ‘CurryKitties’ as its own product, Axiom was accused of an agreement breach.

Tradestar CEO Jevon Feinblatt confirmed in an email that his company is suing Axiom for “trade secret misappropriation“.

The suit negatively affects CryptoKitties which sold worth $12M in December. It was launched in the same month.

Three months later in March, prominent VC firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures funded Axiom with another $12M.

“We have been falsely accused of breaching an NDA and believe the lawsuit has no merit,” said an Axiom spokesperson.

“Axiom Zen is a company that is committed to ethical and responsible work, including ownership and protection of data.”

Curry’s involvement in the CurryKitties, although not established, has led to the project’s withdrawal.

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