XRP, BCH Added To Revolut’s Crypto Offering

Revolut on XRP and BCH

Users can now buy, sell and hold XRP and BCH with the expanded Mobile banking app Revolut.

The app added bitcoin to its offering in July 2017. Litecoin and ether were added later in December. Now, on top of the five crypto offering, users can also trade any of the 25 fiat currencies the app support “after months of debate and hard work.”

In a blog post, Revolut clarified that they preferred adding XRP and BCH because those were the “two most popular cryptocurrencies our community wanted.”

They, however, remain open to adding more cryptocurrencies if the users demand it.

Revolut users can put crypto into their debit cards. The company said, “We’ll simply deduct the fiat value from your cryptocurrency using the real exchange rate the moment you pay with your Revolut card.”

The mobile app makes money by charging a 1.5 percent profit on exchange price. It is readily available in Revolut’s partner exchanges. Users are allowed the send crypto to another as a payment. However, “strict regulation” prohibits them from moving crypto in and out of the app.

Revolut’s decision to include cryptocurrency in their service list came after the $66M Series B funding round last summer.

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