AI Youtube Bitcoin Tutorial Goes Off The Deep End

Sorry, AI, it isn’t your time just yet.

Mashable reported May 22nd that an AI compilation published on Youtube that used pre-existing Bitcoin explainers to make its own how-to video on Bitcoin has resulted in a lot of weirdness.

Bitnik Studios, creators of the video, describes itself on Twitter as a “human-machine creative force,” and the Youtube video they created is a voice over of text generated by an AI that reportedly used “predictive keyboard trained on dozens of Bitcoin explainers.”

In it’s introduction to the coin, the video starts off by explaining that “Bitcoin is the most valuable form of electricity.” Then the AI explainer teaches the viewer how transactions work:

“Randomly pick a number between one and 30,000. Now spend that amount of money on Ethereum. This is known as hashing the code to get some of that Bitcoin.”

The video also talks about blockchain, which according to the AI, a user can access by installing “exploit.bin, and it will remind you every day of your biggest nightmares.”

The AI goes on to say that Bitcoin, whose most popular form is the “Wild Richard” and can be used to buy “counterfeit coffee”, is described as having advantages despite some risk:

“One benefit of Bitcoin is that you can upload a version of your future self on the darknet, but it will kill your retirement account because it is over 1,000 years old.”

The video concludes with two warnings, the first, about safety, saying that “safest way to protect your Bitcoin wallet is simply to lose it,” and the last, a bit more personal:

“Caution: the last time I mined a fresh Bitcoin, billionaire killer Mark February tried to patent my life.”

Better stay out of AI for now. Just in case, guys.

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