Decentralized Games Driving UP Ethereum Fees

Decentralized Games Driving UP Ethereum Fees

Ethereum transaction charges are being pumped up by new crypto games. The Ethereum platform allows decentralized apps to be built, and just lately, crypto entertainment based on blockchain blossomed and started gaining popularity.

One such example of these crypto games was CryptoKitties, the “world’s first game” built on the Ethereum which came out in December 2017. An investment game running on Ethereum smart contracts where the user breeds digital kitties, multiply them and sell them for profit. You can give them a unique set of traits which according to the blockchain standard, cannot be faked or copied. The first digital kitty was “bought” for 247 ETH coins — at the time roughly $247,000.

This year saw newer crypto games being rolled out. Ether Shrimp Farm, a simulator game where players manage shrimp production. The shrimps lay 1 egg per day. The objective is to hatch a shrimp from an egg. More shrimps to lay more eggs to hatch more shrimps. You increase your production or sell them for Ethereum.
The high tech platform allows users to quickly access their investment by instantly buying and selling shrimp eggs. Prices are dictated by supply and demand.

Ether Cartel, has users live a life of cartel member. You can grow your investment in the game in a number of ways. You build a drug empire by buying different types of cartel members. Each additional member brings in-game currency. You can attack opponents, defeat them, and steal half their in-game currency. With more than 11,000 transactions done last week, this game is currently very popular according to some dApp tracking sites.

With crypto games getting popular and stressing the system, certain indicators suggest that Ethereum may not be able to handle the sudden load. Some sectors air concerns from the resulting platform congestion that if transactions from a farm simulator can drive up the fees, a future huge dApp might grind the whole system to halt.

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