GoTenna: You Dont Need Internet To Send Bitcoin

GoTenna Device Bitcoin

GoTenna, a New York startup is launching an android app which will facilitate bitcoin transactions without internet.

Founded in 2012 by 2 Brazilian siblings, Daniela and Jorge Perdomo, goTenna will be collaborating with Samourai Wallet, a mobile wallet for Android devices.

The goTenna device can communicate to another same device in the mesh network up to 1-mile range. The system uses a free, unlicensed radio frequency allowing users to send or receive bitcoin payments without internet. The system which offers more privacy than internet transactions. The txTenna app syncs with the goTenna device that allows users access to their wallets to send bitcoin. If devices are within 1 mile of each other, a bitcoin transaction is transmitted through the “mesh network” until it reaches a user with an internet connection.

Priced at $179 per pair, GoTenna has already sold 100,000 units.

This proved to be very effective in disaster-stricken areas. In Puerto Rico, where the Perdomo siblings helped the Hurricane Maria victims, goTenna devices were very handy in reconnecting people. You only have to keep your devices charged to stay up and “meshed”.

The goTenna system is not the first to explore radio frequency as a possible way to communicate in a cryptocurrency network.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has abrogated the “net neutrality” rule and will expire on June 11. This means that the free and open internet that gave consumers equal access to web content may be a thing of the past as ISP’s are given the power to regulate content at their discretion.

As a response to this, people who are fund of Ethereum are now flocking to mesh networks. It is a good time for txTenna, and its censorship-resistant tools for bitcoin transactions to fill the gap.

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