Picks Academic to Head New Research Team

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Leading Cryptocurrency data resource and wallet provider announced they had hired a Cambridge academic as head of research May 16th.

The company revealed via a blog post that Garrick Hileman author of multiple cryptocurrency research publications, would “lead a new research arm aimed elevating block chain (sic) technology to its full potential.”

This appointment marks the second high-profile hiring the company has done in the past few weeks. Last April saw ex-Goldman Sachs exec Breanne Madigan get on board as head of institutional sales and strategy.

The career pivot is a natural progression for Hileman, who also developed Cambridge University’s first cryptocurrency course, as Hileman stands out among most academics, with his bullish views on cryptocurrency.

In an interview with Business Insider, Hileman expressed surprise that luminaries such as Nouriel Roubini and Paul Krugman “have a hard time seeing the technology.”

“Some of them don’t have the best track record for understanding technology, to be frank,” he also told the publication.

“Paul Krugman famously thought the internet wasn’t all that more significant than a fax machine. I’m not sure I would have a lot of success helping them understand the significance of this technology as a new platform, as something that in some ways can be compared to the internet.”

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