Aion launching Token Bridge to connect Blockchains

Aion Launching Token Bridge

While Aion’s token may have been born and grown up on the ethereum blockchain, It’s all grown up now, and ready to move out.

The  Aion network was built to foster interoperability across blockchains. One of the key tools to this functionality is the network’s “token bridge” which is designed to allow tokens to move between chains.

The first token bridge to be used will work between the Aion network and ethereum, on which its token currently operates.

In a rather radical decision, rather than using a smart contract to hold copies of tokens, as pairs of networks like Kik’s new chain and ethereum will do, Nuco has proposed actually destroying tokens as they move – put simply, so there really is only one token at a time.

Matt Spoke, CEO of Nuco and the ones behind the Aion said of their concept that

“It’s a micro-network, it’s a collection of nodes that are decentralized, there are multiple participants, and those other nodes on the network are acting honestly, but that bridge is responsible for agreeing they witnessed the event,” Spoke went on to say. “That’s the function that we built in.”

Ethereum will come first, according to Spoke, but they plan on extending interoperability across all blockchains. Aion wants to make sure that the design of the bridge is as generic as possible, to ensure it can communicate with any other blockchain.

The token bridge is only the first step on Aion’s roadmap, coming on the heels of the successful launch of their main net last April.

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